Customer Success Centricity

Securing customer access in the new normal.

We support life science and healthtech companies in taking on the customers perspective.

Our next normal is characterized by an increasing virtualization of customer relationships leading to reduced personal customer access. Customers are increasingly confronted with a digital information overload. Only those who consistently align their thinking and actions with the needs of their customers can create valuable customer experiences. Therefore, remaining relevant and building a sustainable successful future.

Customer Success Centricity means putting the customer and their success at the center of one's own thinking and actions and thus creating valuable customer experiences at every point of contact.

Life science companies invest considerable resources in product development and customer engagement. Healthtech companies develop disruptive innovations. The focus is on the customer. At least in theory. Most of the time, product-based customer orientation is confused with customer centricity.

Customers don’t just buy products, they hire them to do a job.
Clayton Christensen

How do you rate the level of Customer Success Centricity of your organization?

Do you understand the jobs your customers have to do?
Do you help your customers overcome their pains? 
Are you creating valuable customer experiences by offering relevant content at every touchpoint with a customer? 
Does your team have the skills to be valuable contacts for the customer? 


Person who has a direct influence on a purchase/therapy decision.


When the customer has successfully solved his jobs and his individual barriers as well as perceived risks have been overcome.

Value Experience

At every touch point there is a value add so that the customer can be successful.

Increase your relevance to customers by helping them make decisions. Every decision we make unconsciously follows the same pattern: starting from our reference point, we plan or consider a decision/action. The result and the analysis of the process again changes our reference point. For a sustainable customer loyalty, it is important to accompany the customer consequently on the whole process (Value Experience).

#be Relevant: We help you become Customer Success Centric.


Pharma and Medtech

We support you in securing customer access in the next normal.

Customer success centricity requires a new mindset. Characterized by long product development cycles and a highly scientific environment, it is normal that pharma and medtech have always had a strong focus on the product. This makes it all the more difficult to move into the customer perspective. After all, customers don't prescribe or buy products, they hire them to get their jobs done.

As an example, take one of the many jobs of an HCP: He has the task of making therapy decisions for his patients. This process is driven by his strengths, motivations, as well as real and perceived pains and risks. Whether he evaluates the decision as positive depends on the perceived success.

To ensure sustainable access to customers, a profound understanding of his definition of "success" is required. Based on this, an agile content and channel management must be established. And it also requires a continuous development of knowledge and competencies of the team that is creating the customers value experience. But in order to be successful the whole organization needs to implement a customer success centric vision that is reflected in its strategic, organizational and cultural framework.

Take a quick customer success centricity check:

Who is responsible for Customer Success at your company? 
How is customer success-centricity anchored in the corporate strategy?   
How do customers recognize your company's customer centricity?  
How important is customer insight in the company?  
On what basis is content planned?  
Who manages and delivers customer engagement in the company? 


We help you develop a seamless value experience for your customers.

Together with you, we evaluate your company with regard to the Customer Success Centricity maturity level. In doing so, we leverage our extensive project experience and work with our standardized assessment framework for your individual success. For this purpose, we consider the following dimensions:

  1. MINDSET - Focus on strategic anchoring in the company, organizational alignment, and innovation and transformation capability.
  2. SKILLSET - The role of Customer Insights, Content Management Implementation and Customer Engagement.
  3. TOOLSET - Use of innovative technologies, such as strategic content management tools, AI-based individual customer analytics, or venture client models.

Based on the maturity assessment, we develop a roadmap for you on how you can further improve the degree of your customer success centricity.

Examples of innovative technologies in use for Customer Success Centricity in Pharma and Medtech.

Strategic Content Management

Customer-centric content creation and delivery requires the highest level of orchestration. Use strategic content management tools for interdisciplinary and agile work. 

AI-based individual customer analytics

Knowledge of prescribing behavior at the individual physician level. Only those who know the behavior of individual customers can understand how to create relevance for their customers and make optimal use of their own resources.

#healthtech connect

Pharma meets Healthtech. In six months with a VC-based search to a marketable healthtech prototype. Use our venture client model to gain sustainable access to your customers


We support HealthTech in building sustainable customer relationships with corporate Life Science partners.

How to build a successful cooperation with a pharma or medtech company? Every day, companies receive offers that promise to solve their known or still unknown challenges better and faster. The constantly growing number of options is accompanied by information overload and leads to more and more decision uncertainty. At the same time, business customers are complex entities with individual strategies, structures and cultures. Individuals involved in a decision-making process sometimes pursue different (personal) goals and are shaped by different motivations.

The customer rarely buys what the company thinks it's selling.
Peter Drucker

There is a general increase in risk. No one wants to be responsible for a wrong decision. After all, the purchase and implementation of an innovative solution usually has far-reaching consequences.

Customers not only have to take a buying decision, but also to take a decision to change. However, they are only motivated to change if the perceived value of this change is higher than the associated perceived risk.

Value Experience

It is therefore important to create valuable customer experiences at every point of contact with a company and to reduce hurdles and perceived risks in the process. After all, the sum of all experiences that a customer has defines the perceived value of the entire customer relationship. The experience not only refers to the added value of the solution, but also to the added value of each interaction. 

Value Experience based Customer Management means :
Helping the customer to change and
helping customers make complex decisions. 

We help you develop a seamless value experience for your customers.

Organizational Enablement
Establishment of a Customer Success Centric Organization 

Definition of structures, roles and processes  
Implementation of target and incentive models  
Recruitment of employees  

Product/Market Fit Enablement 
Building a solution that is valuable for the customer 

Definition of goals, motivations and hurdles of the personas in the buying center 
Development of corresponding value propositions 
Definition of value-oriented service components and pricing  
Development of convincing pitch decks  
Validation of the product/market fit in our pharma/medtech network   
Development of objection management and value discovery playbooks   
Development of sales enablement content (e.g. read ins, white papers, posts, webinars, explainer videos)  

Customer Management Enablement   
Knowledge and skills development 
Understanding of pharma/medtech companies as customers  
Prospecting (Inbound & Outbound)  
Pitch & Value Discovery  
Objection Management & Negotiation  

In addition, we support you and your team to successfully master the day-to-day challenges in customer management.


Experience [ik-ˈspir-ē-ən(t)s] practical knowledge, skill, or practice derived from direct observation of or participation in events or in a particular activity (Webster)

Zdenka Vesely

Managing Partner

Michael Pröschel

Managing Partner

The #be Relevant Health team has many years of experience in Life Sciences, Healthtech and Complex Sales (B2B). We are an innovation consultancy with a focus on Customer Success Centricity and the intersection of Life Sciences and Digital.

Zdenka Vesely

After starting her career in a marketing function at L'Oréal, Zdenka worked over ten years in Sales and Brand Director Positions for leading Publishing Houses like Condé Nast and Burda. In 2010 she joined, a young fast-growing company, selling innovative communication and data analytics solutions to the pharma industry. She was responsible for developing coliquio's sales strategy and enabling the sales team achieve annual hyper-growth revenue. In 2019 she founded her own B2B Sales Enablement Company MOONFLYER.

Michael Pröschel

Michael has many years of experience building and managing commercial business in the Life Science industry, both in regional and national roles, as well as developing international marketing and business strategies at the headquarters level. He has built organizations from zero to over 200 employees and successfully launched multiple pharmaceutical brands (domestic and international), including market access and pricing. Since 2018, he has been involved in building digital health solutions and connecting digital and pharma. Michael is a certified Professional Scrum Master.


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